Moteur SaM 146 et système de prélèvement Snecma

SaM 146 engine and Snecma sampling probe

Traînées de condensation (Paris)
Condensation trails (Paris)
Aircraft engine soot observed by transmission electron microscopy
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In the framework of its investigation on the impact of aircraft on climat, the "Réseau Thématique Aéronautique et Environnement (RTAE)" of CORAC recommands pursuit of research on condensation trails and induce cirrus produced by aircraft activities at high altitude.

Goals of MERMOSE project are in one hand, to characterize particles emission from aircraft engines in order to provide enough data needed to understand induced cirrus coming from condensation trails. In other hand, this work aims at characterizing physico-chemical properties of soot and investigate their reactivity with water, especially mecanisms, formation conditions and growth of ice.